Are you making HAMBURGERS?

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Are you making and selling Hamburgers?

I was driving down to one of my clients one morning last summer, on a lovely summer’s day, listening to Michael Gerber on my PodCast.  

I have a rule that if I am in the car on a work day, that is work time, so I must use this time to improve my knowledge in some way (you should try this it is a great way of learning about running a successful business).

Gerber is the author of the E-Myth and one of the world’s leading experts on small business.  

To be honest, I was only half listening, when suddenly he said something that made me ‘prick my ears up’.

He started talking about how McDonalds first started.  Ray Crock walked into the McDonald brother’s restaurant when it was a small local restaurant to sell them a milk machine.  Ray noticed that the McDonald brothers had a fantastic business and so he approached the brothers asking to buy the franchise rites to McDonalds and as they say the rest is history.

History shows that Ray Crock bought the opportunity to franchise McDonalds for next to nothing, because that was what the McDonald brothers thought it was worth.  They had tried to franchise the business, but let’s face it.  In those days who would buy a franchise Burger Bar?  The brothers believed that if someone wanted to be in the Burger Bar business they could just go ahead and start their own.  The reason the McDonald brothers did not value their business was that they believed that they didn’t have the time to franchise it, as they worked every hour there making hamburgers.  

This reminds me of what many business owners keep saying to me.  They are too busy making hamburgers, or completing accounts, or repairing locks, or cleaning ovens, or designing websites, or whatever it is that the business does.

If you think about it, most people reading this article went into business X years ago and they went into business doing the work of the business.  

If they had worked really hard and long hours where do you think they would be now?  You are correct, still working very hard!  

However, all successful businesses people go into business to run a business that completes accounts, or repairs locks, or cleans ovens, or designs websites, or whatever it is that the business does and they bring in experts to manage the other two departments in their business and they are:

  1. Finance
  2. Marketing and sales

And sales and marketing for these successful business owners is exactly what we do. 

My questions for you at this time are:

  1. What does your business need to do, look like and be in order for it to give you the life you want?
  2. What does it need to turnover in order to employ someone to do some of the work?
  3. What is your business going to be like when it is completed?
  4. Are you going you do anything as a result of reading this article and are you going to optimise your true marketing results?

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