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Do you want to become an affiliate for my Webinar programme?

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Here is the deal:

  1. I run a series of webinars to help your clients, prospects, suppliers, members and contacts to sell and market their products and services more effectively.  I run this webinar for them for free.  Here is a link to the webinar –
  2. You become an affiliate – meaning you agree to promote the webinar on LinkedIn, Social Media, email and even on your website and any other means you want
  3. I send you an affiliate link
  4. We will send you the words for you to use in e-mails, social media and on your website/blog (you are of course free to amend as you require)
  5. The affiliate link will tell me if someone from you registers for the webinar
  6. If any of your leads turn into an on-going client of ours I will send you £500 or 50% of the income, if the sale is less than £500

Let me know if you want to go ahead, or if you have any questions!

Warm regards,


Welcome to the 2nd in a series of weekly videos all about improving your RESULTS

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Welcome to the 2nd in a series of weekly videos all about RESULTS and specifically what you can do to improve your sales and marketing results.

Watch the video and then if you want to take your sales to the next level why not sign up to the programme.  Click here to find out more.



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What is your RESULTS M.A.P

We all know that we need a map to get somewhere.  We need to know where we are on the map, and we need to know where we want to go on the map.  Without that, all roads lead nowhere…

So, in business we need to know where we want to go and we need a map to help us to get there!  Here lies the problem –  Most businesses do not know:

  1. Where they are right now
  2. Where they want to go
  3. When they want to get there by

And they do not have any form of map to get themselves there.

This video is the first video in a series of seven videos I have produced based on the pneumonic of R.E.S.U.L.T.S.  RESULTS is a business growth programme that I have developed over 25 years of study and learning from the best business, marketing and sales experts in the world.

The R in RESULTS stands for – RESULTS M.A.P.  Map in this instance has two meanings.  The formation of a map to get you where you want to go and a Massive Action Plan (M.A.P)

Go ahead and watch the video NOW…


I hope you enjoyed the video and benefitted from it.


If you did, then here is the next step…


You have the following options:
  1. Do nothing and get the same results you’ve always got
  2. If you are a start-up, then you need to join The RESULTS Club.  Here is the link and it is a total no brainer!
  3. If you getting towards the £100K turnover, or you are less than £250K, then you need this.
  4. If you turnover £250K to £1million, then this is for you.
  5. And for £1 million + businesses, then take a look at this.

Any questions, please drop me a line.



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Coronavirus pandemic and the impact on business

Today I am looking at our plans right now and how they will need to change.  All the plans I had will need to change; spending patterns, buying needs and customer behaviour will all change and we all need a plan.

This 10 point plan is for us all to use and should help us navigate the tough times ahead.  It is clear there is a bell curve through which the virus will go and therefore your business.  The fear factor will definitely kick in when it comes to doing business and I hope to tackle the main issues here today.

  1. Communication: When a crisis happens people become negative and fearful.  It is therefore essential to build relationships with all your stakeholders at this difficult time.  It will pay real dividends. 

Your Team – You need to communicate with your team on a daily basis. Tell them what you are doing.

Your Customers – Use technology, what are you doing immediately to navigate this crisis.

Your Networks, Suppliers and Stakeholders – Communicate through all of your social media, what are you doing because of this crisis.

Community – Press Releases are really important at this time.  Get a message out to the market place and let people know what is going on.

  1. Positive Thinking and Positive Approach: In any time of crisis and change you should be looking for the opportunities that arise.  Where are the chances for your business to do better and create more success at this time and add value to your business?  

You need to be the most positive member of your team and lead from the front – how do you win through this economic impact, stay focused on the positives and think about what you can do and not on what can’t be done.


  • Know economic cycles:  Usually, there is a 7 – 10-year cycle.  We have been in the boom, Brexit and Trump were settling down and then suddenly crisis.  After a boom, there is always a downturn and you need to understand the impact that the virus will have on the global economy and your business within that.   Already some countries are coming out the other side and your business will also go through this cycle too.  You will come through this but remember your business focus, be prepared to act and think differently, and don’t give up.


  • Understand Change:  You can’t wait for these economic crises to happen, you need to get ahead and take action now.  Have a 90-day plan and do not think that this will blow over before then.  If however you have used this time to become a leaner, faster and smarter business and it blows over before 90 days then you have still made positive changes that will have a longer-lasting impact on your business.  The only constant in life is change.  Look at your products, services, pricing, delivery and staffing.  Use this time to do some serious analysis and strategic thinking.


  • Cut back:  This is going to be a time of real economic challenge for your business.  Cash will be king and you’ll need to stop spending on certain things.  Don’t stop spending on areas that will help you grow, like sales and marketing.  But can you reduce your outgoings, renegotiate your fees and not do that upgrade you were planning?


  • Extend your credit:  Get it now while they are still lending.  Get credit cards and extensions on the credit.  It gives you the opportunity to extend the survival of your business.  It might be that you don’t need it in 6 months’ time but at least you have it there now.  Try and re-negotiate your rates and refinance if you can.  


  • Staffing cuts and changes:  This might be the hardest decision you need to make.  If you can not lay people off it is much better for moral.  You could have your staff do less hours and you could consider letting people take holidays.  You might need to do pay cuts and suspend any bonus programme you might have.


  • Plan to work from home:  This is going to be the reality now for many of you.  The Government is encouraging us to do this and the technology is there to help you.  What technology do you need to enable your staff to work from home?  How will you do meetings and how will you get reports through.  What processes and systems will you have in place?  Do you have a customer service issue and simple things like collecting mail from the office?  You need to be thinking all this through now.


  • Online and Deliveries:  Can you deliver your product or service virtually or physically?  If you are in a restaurant how can you get deliveries into your customer’s homes?  If customers aren’t coming to you how are you going to keep everything moving and get to them?  Do you need to train staff?  Key here is communication with customers and understanding what you can deliver.


  • Marketing and Selling:  I can’t stress enough that in times of economic crisis you should not stop your marketing.  You must keep it going but your marketing is going to have to change.  You can’t just think that your old marketing is going to work in this crisis situation as people are thinking about different things and are worried and fearful.  Remember to be positive in all your communications.  Create new offers and rates and know your numbers in terms of leads and conversions.  In this market can you get cash upfront?


In conclusion:  At this time it is vital that you keep and look after your existing customer base.  Keep working with your customer base.  Communicate with them and make sure you are reaching out all the time through deals and offers.  Make sure your existing customers feel valued.  You need to over-deliver on customer service right now and it will set you apart.  Use the above points to help you make a plan now.


Sod surviving, let’s get thriving

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Sod surviving and let’s get thriving is a great idea, but what stops us?

  • Is it the coronavirus?
  • Is it the potential changes to the economy?
  • Is it cut backs?
  • Is it the government?

No, the reason you are not thriving (and I assume that you aren’t, as you are reading this) is far closer to home.

Watch this video and all will be revealed!

Google Adwords – Should you be using it?

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Google Adwords

Or PPC Advertising, as it is often known, is a great form of marketing, but one that is easy to get wrong!

But Why?  Why is so much money wasted doing Google Adwords?  The answer is two-fold:

  1. Google Adwords is very, very good and it is also a very, very sophisticated system.  However, being sophisticated means that it is also complex
  2. Therefore, if you attempt to do Google advertising by yourself and without any training, then often you might as well just flush a load of cash down the toilet

Listen to Steve Mills on Business Connections Live

talking about Google Adwords

Tried, tested and proven headline words that work

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Tried, Tested and Proven Headline Formulae

As the old saying goes – “The headline is the advert for the advert” 

And it is also true in terms of the headline being the advert for the email, the blog, the web page, the letter and the landing page.  

Changing, or testing headlines can often play a significant part in changing the results that you get from your marketing and I have known changing a headline to double, or triple response rates.  

In fact, the best change I ever did for a client, was their advertising in a magazine.  They had ran the advert on the back cover of a glossy magazine for six months and got zero enquiries, or sales.  I suggested a new headline and they got their first sales of £2,000,000 worth in one month.  Just by changing the headline.

So, use these headlines with thought and try to work out how you can double your conversion rates using one of the headlines below!

One way to use these headline formulae is to simply copy and paste them, filling in the blanks to match your circumstances. 

That’s okay if you’re just getting started. But a better and more powerful way is to print them and then study them. Read through each one, pausing to consider why the headline works. 

When you do this you will begin to truly synthesise the fundamentals of writing great headlines. If you do this, you will find yourself accessing the file less and less for inspiration. 

Also, make it a part of your process to copy and paste good headlines into your file. You’ll start to build up a headline file full of inspiration for the next time you need to kick start your writing for a social media update, blog post title or sales letter headline. 

Become a student of great headline formulas and all aspects of your digital marketing, including social media marketing, will improve.

I hope this helps you.

Steve Mills

Social Proof headlines

One of the keys to success in business is social proof.  Just ask Apple.  Everyone wants the latest iPhone.  Why? Because everyone else has got one and without one they will miss out.

  1. Here is a method that is helping ______ to become the most ________________
  2. Only _______________
  3. Sexy people ____________________
  4. Why I __________________ and maybe you should too
  5. Do ____________ like __________
  6. The ____________ idea that every leading _______________ is talking about 
  7. Join 1,000‘s of business owners that ______________________
  8. Own a _____________ like ____________
  9. How 98% of people lose _________ in [time period]
  10. Be like [world class example] and you too can [desired result] 
  11. Steve Mills – The Prudent Marketer, reveals ways to create _______________
  12. Why 440,000,000 people are using _________________ 
  13. A simple way to __________ that works for all ________________
  14. How to win friends and influence people
  15. Some people_______________, others ____________________, a few ______________

Away from motivation headlines

We all have the 200 million-year-old brain which is geared up over to protect us and to keep us safe and therefore advertising, marketing, sales and headlines needs to include ‘away from motivation’ headlines.

  1. Do you recognise the early warning signs of _________? 
  2. If you don’t take action now, you’ll ______________
  3. The biggest lie in ________________ is _______________
  4. These shocking mistakes are killing your business 
  5. Don’t try _________________ without training first ______________
  6. Lack of action may be causing you to lose out on _________________ 
  7. At last, the secret to __________________ is revealed 
  8. Why you shouldn’t do _______________ that does not work
  9. Why some businesses fail and some succeed
  10. Do not spend another penny until you train yourself to do it properly 
  11. The ugly truth about ____________________ 
  12. What your accountant won’t tell you and how it can save you a fortune 
  13. What everybody ought to know about _______________
  14. Your __________ doesn’t want you to read this __________ 
  15. The sooner you know __________ the better
  16. Why your website does not work and what to do about it

Towards motivation, headlines

These headlines are benefit-driven and they focus on what you will gain if you buy this product or services.  They are used often in marketing.  

However, beware!  Humans will do more to ‘move away from’ than they will ‘towards’.  

  1. Where more clients are and how to win them 
  2. How to __________________ in ____ time, without ________________
  3. Discover the lead generation secret of______________
  4. I wake up every morning to ______________.  So that _____________ and as a result of that _____________
  5. In 12 months our goal is to add __________________ to our clients ____________
  6. Sell your way to doubling your profit by _______________
  7. Are you someone who wants to create leads on LinkedIn?  If so_____________
  8. Stop wasting money on marketing and start _________________
  9. You too can win £80,000+ in 12 months with ___________________
  10. How to become __________ when you ________________
  11. There’s big money in them there hills 
  12. Little known ways to ________________
  13. Massive action produces massive results
  14. How to turn ____________ into £80,000 per year, per person
  15. How to build a ____________ you can be proud of
  16. Get more ___________ without risk
  17. Get rid of __________________ once and for all
  18. Improve/increase your ____________ in three months
  19. Imagine _______________ and loving every minute of it 
  20. Here’s a quick way to ___________________
  21. Get __________ without losing ___________
  22. The lazy person’s way to ________________
  23. How to make people line up and beg to _______________ 
  24. How to get more __________ out of _____________________
  25. How to __________ when you’re not __________
  26. How to _________________
  27. No _____________, just ___________ every day 
  28. Never suffer from not _____________ from your __________ again 
  29. The quickest and easiest way to improve your ___________ 
  30. If you can take action you can improve your _________________ 
  31. How you can improve your _____________ almost instantly
  32. Where  to get a better _____________ is and how to get it 
  33. Discover the ___________ secret 
  34. Improve your way to a better _____________ 
  35. To people that want a better _____________ but can’t get started 
  36. Stop wasting money on ______________ that does not work 
  37. You too can get a better _________ in a week with ________________
  38. How to become more __________ when you don’t have a big marketing budget
  39. There are big bucks in ____________ 
  40. Little known ways to use _______________
  41. How to turn poor ___________ results into bottom line profit 
  42. How to build a _____________ you can be proud of 
  43. Get more _______________ without more cost
  44. Get rid of _______________ once and for all
  45. Improve/Increase your _____________ and profit in 12 months
  46. Here’s a quick way to improve your ______________
  47. Get a better ROI without losing __________
  48. How to make people line up and beg to _____________
  49. How to get ____________ out of ____________
  50. How to ____________ when you’re not _____________
  51. Never suffer from __________ again
  52. The quickest and easiest way to _____________
  53. If you can __________ then you can ______________
  54. How you can __________ almost instantly
  55. How to become ____________ when you ______________
  56. How to use _______________ to create £100,000 in new business in 12 months
  57. How to turn your ___________ into ________________
  58. See how easily you can _____________ your ________________
  59. Now you can have _______________ without _________________
  60. How to take the headache out of ____________
  61. X questions answered about [blank]
  62. Give me 3 months and I’ll give you ____________
  63. Answered: Your most burning questions about ____________
  64. Take X minutes to get started with ___________ – you’ll be happy you did! 
  65. Who else wants _____________? 
  66. How to fast-track your ______________
  67. How 99% of people got _____________ without _______________

Questioning Headlines

Questions are great.  We all like to answer questions.

  1. What if ______________
  2. If you could ______________, then ______________
  3. If we could explain how to _____________, what would that mean to you/your business?
  4. Can you imagine _____________?
  5. Can you ___________?
  6. Would you like to _____________?
  7. Is being ____________ important to your business?
  8. If we showed you how to ______________, what would that be worth to you?

Want to know more about improving your sales and marketing results, then get in touch.

Prospecting for GOLD

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Prospecting for GOLD

Prospecting for sales is similar to prospecting for gold.  Think of the people you know, your LinkedIn contacts, the people on your email database and your prospects as gold, and treat them as you would a gold mine.

Post a claim and work it constantly. Because if you neglect it, will find someone else claiming your fortunes. Worse yet, your position in your market can sit vacated, unattended, and ignored.

The fact that you are not working your gold mine effectively does not mean it is less valuable; it just means that the gold is harder to get, but you aren’t tapping into its immense potential.

This has never been more true than during the new COVID economy. 

Pick up your phone and start getting in touch with friends, family, relatives, and past employers and take a genuine interest in them. Find out what they are doing; ask about their lives, their careers, and their families.

People love to talk about themselves, and they really love it when others take interest in them. Let them know what you are doing when it comes up, but understand that this is not a sales call.  You are simply keeping in touch with them.  In effect, with someone with whom you have been out of touch.

Make it clear that the intention of your call is to catch up with them and not to sell your products or services.

During all economies but especially during contractions, contacts and relationships are everything and you must prospect harder for sales

Have you ever heard the saying “You are short on people, not short on money”.  The people you know either have the money you want or know people who doIt is those people who want and need your service.

So the more people you speak to, the better chance you have of discovering and selling to those people.

Want more great tips on how to generate lots of leads and turn those leads into sales?  Click here

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What Matt Bullard of Ingress Ltd says about Steve

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A personal recommendation from Matt Bullard of Ingress Ltd

How to turn more meetings into salesThrough Steve’s online video sales and marketing courses, I’ve been able to identify and implement the key steps essential to growing and maintaining a sustainable small business.

His insight into Sales and Marketing has played an integral part in helping me achieve many of my business objectives.

I highly recommend speaking to him.

Want to know more?

Take the first step and book on to our free online training.  Click here to take a look