How will the Coronavirus effect your business?

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Yet another blog post and video about the Coronavirus.  But this one’s different.

Let’s get to work…

1. What is going to happen?

  • Things are going to get worse.
  • The Coronavirus will make people really sick.
  • A small percentage of those people die.
  • Some businesses will close, cease trading, or go bust!
  • It will become harder for some industries than others
  • Lot’s of businesses with reduce, or stop marketing
  • And all that is really bad.

2. What is “everyone” is going to do?

  • People are going to continue to panic
  • Most are going to think there is no point in marketing their business
  • They’re going to panic for two reasons.
  • First, because this is a new virus and it’s pretty nasty.
  • Second, because of the media and social media.

In my opinion, World Health Organisation, or NHS is probably the best place to get your info about this situation.

3. What this means for your business?

I don’t know, but the best answer I can give you is – IT DEPENDS.

1. Are you going to spend your time browsing social media, watching the news all day, and talking back and forth with people about this situation?

2. Or are you going to push your sales and marketing as hard as you can in order to survive and thrive.  Are you going to FOCUS on business?

  • I’d suggest you focus on business, avoid crowds, and wash your hands lots
  • Most of your competition will be following the herd and living in FEAR, while  watching the news for updates on the Coronavirus”.
  • That means they’re NOT promoting. They’re NOT in front of the market. They’re NOT in the game.
  • They are net developing their website, or increasing the number of connections they have on LinkedIn
  • Many of them will stop advertising (or at least slow down).  If this happens on a big scale, the cost of advertising will reduce.

In my opinion now is the time to step up and LEAD.  To do whatever it takes in a legal and ethical way to ensure you survive.

What I’m doing personally:

  • Avoiding large crowds
  • Washing my hands lots
  • Work remotely with my team
  • Keeping my immune system strong and keep fit
  • Push my sales and marketing even more, in order to survive
  • Not go out to networking events
  • Train myself and my team online to constantly improve our sales and marketing knowledge
  • Network online using LinkedIn even more
  • Not attending meetings, other than online meetings
  • Cancel my workshops, but focus on promoting my online training programmes
  • Work on improving my website, and developing a new one
  • Improve the effectiveness of my digital marketing and learn some new skills in terms of video development and editing
  • Pay attention expert health organisations, not the media. 
  • Stay positive.
  • Be determined that my business is going to survive (after all it’s come through a lot of challenges in the past 25 years). 
  • Remembering my No.1 quote – “There’s always a way, if you are committed”
  • Come back from this stronger than when I/we went into it.

You and I can’t do anything about the Coronavirus other than follow the instructions that actual doctors are giving us all.

But I/we CAN do everything that I mentioned above.

The fact is that…

  • Most people aren’t promoting their businesses right now
  • Most people are not aren’t running ads ​
  • Most people are going to run their business into the ground.

I understand if you run a restaurant and if the government closes you down, then there is little you can do, but perhaps you can start a delivery service for the elderly, or perhaps you can start providing food for hospitals.  My point is – you may have to think differently.

My final thought!  We’re going to get through this.  Obsessing over it, worrying about it, and panicking is all OPTIONAL.

I suggest you opt out of that, keep focused and stay safe.​


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The more marketing you do, the more money you make – Strange isn’t it?

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And yet most businesses don’t do anywhere near enough marketing.

They tell me things like…

  1. I am on LinkedIn, but I don’t do very much
  2. I use social media.  I post on there once per week
  3. I send out a quarterly email newsletter
  4. I speak to our clients when I can
  5. I am often slow at following up on enquiries
  6. When I do networking I don’t ever really follow people up afterwards
If you want to put a STOP to the statements above once and for all, then take the first step and sign up to our online training here.

Increasing lead generation

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How to increase lead generation

The strange correlation between how much marketing you do and how much money you make…

One of the keys to business success is increasing sales.  One of the keys to increasing sales is lead generation (AKA marketing).  However, the problems are most businesses don’t do enough of it and are not very good at it.

Steve appears as a guest again on Business Connections Live – Watch the recording here…

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What changes can we expect in the world of marketing in 2020?

Steve talks on Business Connections Live TV about what will be new in the world of marketing in 2020 and what business owners need to understand about this new technology and why it is so important to embrace it now!

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The 7 Biggest Things I Have Learned in a Quarter of a Century of Advising Small Business Owners

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I have been advising small business owners on how to grow their businesses for a quarter of a century and in that time I have learned a few things.

I have learned what works and I have really learned what doesn’t!

Below are the 7 biggest things that I have learned when advising small business owners:

NUMBER 1 – I have learned that numbers are the key to success in most areas of life and this is certainly true in business and particularly in sales & marketing.  I would say that not measuring your sales and marketing results is probably the biggest mistake made by small business owners.

NUMBER 2 – I have learned that there are 3 departments in every business in the world and they are – operations, finance, and marketing.  Typically in SME’s the business owner is good at the operational side of the business.  In other words, doing the work that the business does.  And so a garage mechanic opens a garage.  An HR person opens an HR company.  A printer opens a printing business.  A Solicitor opens his/her own legal practice and here lies the problem.  These people believe that because they are good at doing the work of the business, they can run a business that does that work and nothing could be further from the truth.  This is because they often know nothing about sales and marketing and even less about managing the money.  Which is why approximately 80% of all businesses that start trading each year, cease trading within 5 years.

NUMBER 3 – I have learned that in 95% of the businesses that I have met – It’s not that they are doing the wrong marketing.  It’s far more likely that they are doing the right marketing but in the wrong way.  They behave like butterflies trying one form of marketing and then another.  Never bothering to stick around long enough to ensure marketing success.

NUMBER 4 – I have learned that most business owners put a lot of effort into the wrong thing.  To grow a business you need to put a lot of effort into lead generation and conversion.  More often known as sales and marketing and yet I constantly come across a total lack of effort in terms of two things.  Very little effort is put into training in sales and marketing, so business owners don’t know what to do or say.  Then there is an even bigger lack of effort in terms of implementation.  In fact, I would say that the No.1 reason that marketing fails is IT NEVER GETS DONE!

NUMBER 5 – I have learned that a lack of knowledge is costing business owners millions in lost sales.  One of the biggest things I have learned is that most business owners have almost a total lack of knowledge of sales and marketing.  They tell me things like – “I am on LinkedIn, but I don’t know how to use it”.  Or, “I have heard of SEO, but I don’t understand it”.  Or “I am responsible for sales, but I have never done any training in selling”.

NUMBER 6 – Most businesses have five to ten ways of marketing their business, such as a website, email marketing, referral, networking, PPC Advertising and the many even do the occasional exhibition.  And that’s good – It pays to build a business on multiple streams of income.  However, it does not pay to have five to ten ways of marketing that lose money, or at best, wash their face.  Rather it is far better to focus on ‘THE ONE THING‘.  In other words to review what you are doing.  Decide what’s working best and has the most potential to leverage and focus on that one thing.  Then when you’ve got that one thing working incredibly well, then focus on the next ‘one thing’.

NUMBER 7 – I have learned that to win a new client you have to get the prospect to know you, like you and trust you.  To know, like and trust your company and to know, like and trust your products and services.  One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make is trying to sell too early in the relationship.  They often try to sell to people that they don’t know and who don’t know them and that’s a BIG MISTAKE!

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