How to advertise to your competitors’ clients and prospects

You may not believe this is true, but it is!

In this video, I am going to talk to you about – how to advertise to your competitors’ clients and prospects!

You can now advertise to anyone who…

  1. Walks into your competitors’ office, building, or location
  2. Views your competitors’ website

AND we can do it for you!

Don’t ask your marketing adviser, as they won’t have heard of it yet.  That’s because it’s new and only just released.  So, get to know about this technology before your competitors do by signing up to my next webinar –

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Why your marketing is not working…

And what to do about it…

In this video, I discuss why small business marketing often does not work and the three key things that you need to do to solve this massive problem that so many businesses suffer from and one which is responsible for over 80% of businesses ceasing trading within the first five years.

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How to get more leads and sales?

How to get more leads and sales?

If you want more sales in your business, then here’s what I have got for you…

A FREE webinar and workshop combined, so you can either attend the workshop in our offices or join via webinar from the comfort of yours.

It’s on Wednesday 4th December from 10 am to 12.00 noon.

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Steve Mills – Managing Director

How to create more leads and sales?

How to create more leads and sales?

Book a free no-obligation RESULTS Meeting with me Steve Mills NOW!

Do you run a business and you want to know how to create more leads, meetings and sales? Are you frustrated with your lack of marketing success?  If you are, then we need to talk. I would be happy to give you 45min of my own time without obligation to help you with your business. By the end of the 45mins, you will have a plan for getting more leads and sales. During the meeting we will discuss:

  1. Specifically what you want to try to achieve
  2. What sales and marketing assets you have and what is working and what is not
  3. What are your current numbers
  4. How to improve your numbers
  5. Identification of the one thing that will have the biggest impact on your business for us/you to really focus on


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