RESULTS Group Programme (12 monthly payments)


How You Can Kick Start Your New Business, or get your six-figure business to seven figures & Get NEW Customers In 14-Days

This is the GROUP based version of The RESULTS Programme and it is a 12-month online and offline programme to help you to GET SELLING! The programme costs £350 per month + VAT, but that fee is irrelevant when compared to the profit potential you will get on this programme.

The programme is video-based, with off-line group coaching, physical workbooks, live Q&A calls, workshops and a community of successful entrepreneurs. The programme shows you how to scale using proven systems.


‘Online and Group based RESULTS Sales & Marketing Programme’

A 12-month Sales & Marketing Training Programme was designed to help you to make significant improvements in your Sales & Marketing RESULTS and therefore in the number of leads that you generate as well as the number of leads that you convert into sales!

The programme is made up of seven modules, as follows

  • Results Based Action Plan

    Putting together a business growth plan to move your business forward

  • Elevation And Analysis Of The Numbers

    Creating a better understanding of your current numbers, the desired numbers and what needs to change in your business in order to get better business results

  • Sales Mastery

    Improve your lead conversion rates in order to create a significant increase in your sales, profit, cash and lifestyle

  • Understanding Financial And Legal Management

    Learning how to interpret financial and legal perspectives and how they relate to and impact on your business

  • Lead Generation – Being Outstanding By Standing Out

    All the training you and your team need in order to develop a deep understanding of online and offline lead generation

  • Turning Customers Into Brand Ambassadors – Your Biggest Fans

    Development of systems which not only satisfy your existing customers but turn them into your biggest fans

  • Systems And Practices – Maximising Business Results

    Scale your business by ensuring your business is systems dependant and not people dependant

RESULTS Group Programme

If you are a business owner and you feel stuck, unable to
grow your business then this programme will help. You will create

  • More leads
  • More sales
  • More profit

What will it do for your business?

  • It will make you more money and allow you to live the life you
    dreamed of when you started your business.
  • It will enable you to better understand your current sales and marketing results
    and then improve those results. Thereby creating more leads, meetings and sales.
  • It will provide you with the knowledge you need to simplify and easily understand the
    worlds of digital and offline marketing and how they can work together.
  • It will enable you to seriously and effectively work on growing your business
    and not just being a wage slave, exchanging time for money.
  • Goals before – Unclear and rarely achieved.  With Steve – Goals actually get achieved
  • Implementation before – Rarely fully achieved.  with Steve – Regular check-in’s
  • RESULTS before – Rarely improved. With Steve – Significant breakthrough.