How to re-launch your business after lockdown – A 30-day course

£199.00 £69.00

What are we offering – A 30-day course called

 How to get back up to speed before your competitors do…

Now is the most important time your business has ever had.  Why?  Because what you do when the lockdown ends will affect you for years!  If you let your competitors get ahead of you, your business may never recover.  Now is the time to get your sales and marketing re-launched.  Not like it was in the past, but rather – at another level.

What you need to do

To help you to hit the ground running we have developed a 30-day programme to help people to create sales coming out of lockdown and it only costs £69 + VAT.  This 30-day course is broken into 3 primary aims:

  • Get your business and your marketing up and running ASAP
  • Improve your knowledge of modern digital marketing methods
  • Improve your conversion rate, so you can turn more of your enquiries into sales.

The cost of £69 is totally irrelevant when compared with the return on investment that the course will create for you.


This programme is for businesses who:

  • Have been through tough times
  • Have been closed down
  • Have been surviving
  • Who wants to bounce back quickly

Why you need this

  • If you need to get back up to speed ASAP
  • If you don’t want your competitors dominating your market
  • If you see now as the start of re-launching your business.

The course includes:

  • 30 daily videos that you have access to on an ongoing basis via a password
  • A weekly online meeting and Q&A with me Steve Mills
  • A day 30 one to one success review meeting with me Steve Mills

The programme is made up of seven modules, as follows

  • Results Based Action Plan

    Putting together a business growth plan to move your business forward

  • Elevation And Analysis Of The Numbers

    Creating a better understanding of your current numbers, the desired numbers and what needs to change in your business in order to get better business results

  • Sales Mastery

    Improve your lead conversion rates in order to create a significant increase in your sales, profit, cash and lifestyle

  • Understanding Financial And Legal Management

    Learning how to interpret financial and legal perspectives and how they relate to and impact on your business

  • Lead Generation – Being Outstanding By Standing Out

    All the training you and your team need in order to develop a deep understanding of online and offline lead generation

  • Turning Customers Into Brand Ambassadors – Your Biggest Fans

    Development of systems which not only satisfy your existing customers but turn them into your biggest fans

  • Systems And Practices – Maximising Business Results

    Scale your business by ensuring your business is systems dependant and not people dependant

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn

  • Marketing without money strategies – How to market your business on a zero budget
  • What you should offer before anything else
  • The 7 steps to turning your lost leads into meetings and sales
  • The new approaches to generating leads and sales
  • Low hanging fruit – How you can harvest this!
  • How to win more business from referrals and development of a referral marketing plan
  • The two key to finally getting your website to win new business
  • Picking up the phone
  • Permission-based marketing
  • Building your crowd
  • How to get more people to know, like and trust you, your company and your products and services
  • Social media marketing and how to do it properly so it creates leads and sales.

Here is what to do now

The course only costs £69 + VAT.  So the cost is irrelevant.  It’s less than a daily latte!  However, the key with all things marketing is ROI.  What is your potential return on investment?