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Marketing Training

Want to Improve Your Sales & Marketing RESULTS?

Then you need to attend our FREE Marketing Training


You’ll learn exactly how to improve the RESULTS you are getting from your marketing.

And how to convert more leads into sales

So, you can create more profit in your business!

This webinar is free to attend and it’s being held several times per week.

Here is what this Marketing Training will deliver for you…

Welcome to our Marketing Training.  I am going to explain the process I have taken over 25 years to create. I am going to show you exactly how I have helped many businesses go from start-up to £100k in six months, others to grow from £200k to £600k in 12 months and how some have made many millions of pounds in increased income – one client made £42,000,000 by attending my one-day LinkedIn workshop for £129. Not a bad ROI!

The Marketing Training Webinar will cover:

  1. New technology just launched by Google that your competitors do not know about YET!
  2. How to develop your Sales and Marketing RESULTS System
  3. The No.1 mistake that I see 99% of small businesses making and one which is costing them a small fortune
  4. How to use Marketing Without Money Strategies
  5. The importance of becoming really good at one thing, whilst still maintaining multiple streams of income
  6. How you can overcome your biggest problem – OBSCURITY
  7. How to turn more leads into sales on the phone
  8. Why saying, I am not very techie and I don’t know understanding digital marketing is costing you money every day.

Don’t take our word for it…

Listen to what Michael Brook, Managing Director of ‘My Expertise Online’ has to say…

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Your potential to increase your business is virtually unlimited. You just need to know what to focus on and take massive action consistently! The will to succeed is often only limited by a persons desire to be successful, their willingness to take the required actions and their limiting beliefs.

In this live online sales and marketing training webinar, I will share with you, what you need to do so that you can increase sales and improve your business’s sales and marketing results in order to help you to create more leads and convert more leads into sales. Therefore enabling you to make more profit.

When is it?

The web training is limited to 10 people, so book your place early and get the date in your diary. This web meeting is at 12:30pm (UK time) on Thursday and because it’s a web meeting, you can attend from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your home, or office.

Book your seat NOW and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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