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On-line Sales and Marketing Training for small businesses

Membership of ‘The RESULTS Club gives you 24/7 access to cutting edge sales, marketing and business growth training for only £30.00 per month.

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Why join?

As a member you would benefit by:

  1. Increased turnover, profit, cash and quality of life
  2. Working on a path towards 10Xing your business (for example – going from £100,000 to £1,000,000)
  3. Increasing the number of leads that you create
  4. Improvement in your sales conversion rate
  5. An overall improvement in each of your marketing streams
  6. Implementation of a marketing plan
  7. More traffic visiting your website
  8. Development of your database
  9. Using the very latest marketing ideas before your competitors even realise the ideas are available.
  10. Improvement in your websites conversion rate
  11. Automation of your marketing.


There is no tie-in to the RESULTS Club, but you should consider it an on-going investment in you and your team. The club was designed to help you to 10X your business RESULTS not over night, but rather over time.

What you will get…

  1. Online access to our entire video training vault for you and your team. Hundreds of business building topics AND you can request specific videos to help you on your exact needs!
  2. Bite sized training videos on hundreds of topics that have been proven to bring in results!
  3. Live webinars with Steve Mills and other guests on topics that will help you grow your business!
  4. Marketing planning software called Teamwork. This is an excellent tool that really keeps on track of your activity!
  5. Train yourself and your team wherever and whenever you want. At the office on the train, at home etc!
  6. Monthly marketing white papers – providing in-depth reports on subjects like Facebook, LinkedIn Marketing, e-mail Marketing, getting and converting traffic
  7. Proven sales letters, scripts and other materials
  8. Monthly Sales and Marketing Audits (these are in the form of checklists)
  9. Dedicated Facebook Group with other like minded businesses. This is our support hub, where you can ask for help any time!

I designed the RESULTS Club for the ambitious people, like you and me who want to take their future into their own hands.

1,000’s of hours reading, watching and listening to the world’s leading business minds and experts have gone into developing the club and I have taken the very best of what I have learned and put it into the RESULTS Club.

This is essentially a curated, refined, and enhanced version of some of the best business theories and strategies on the web today – and it can be yours in just a few clicks. 

The club includes literally hundreds of hours of sales, marketing and business growth training and videos, including videos from my Association, my TV appearances on Business Connections Live, interviews with experts and other videos that I have produced.

Do look out for new content which will be added to the club on a weekly basis.  (You will be emailed about these updates).

The objective of the club is to provide practical and simple to understand sales, marketing and business growth training for small businesses at a price that makes being a member a total no-brainer.

One of the keys to successful marketing is not the cost, but rather the return on investment (ROI) and your ROI from this club will be 1,000+% providing that you take action.

The RESULTS Club was set up to help start-ups to get to their first £100,000 and small businesses to get to their first £1,000,000 and then on to £10,000,000.

By joining the RESULTS Club you’ll find that your leads and sales grow exponentially.

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Who is the membership for?

The Results Club is for small business owners, marketing managers, directors, sales managers, business development managers and those who wish to become better at creating and converting leads.  Membership allows you to access cutting edge, up to date marketing and sales training, tips and advice on a weekly basis for less than the cost of an ink cartridge.

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Why join?

The purpose of the RESULTS Club is to help you to improve your SALES AND MARKETING RESULTS and your return on investment (ROI).

The bottom line is – if you do even half as well as other members, then you’re going to be very, very impressed!

You are not tied into any a fixed term and you can cancel anytime, but why would you!

Membership of The RESULTS Club costs only £30 + VAT per month. Get the first month for only £1.20.  To join, simply subscribe using the button below…


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