The 4 Levels of Thinking Right Now

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The 4 levels of thinking right now

Right now and because of the current situation with CPVID, the recession and the future economic projections what are people thinking right now?  In this video, I suggest that they are at one of four levels.  They are:

  1. Stuck because the Government has closed them down, or restricted their behaviour (restaurants etc)
  2. Restricted because they see it as being someone else’s fault and so they are cutting back and doing nothing to help themselves right now and hoping that the Government will look after them
  3. Gonna do something but just don’t!  These people we like the people who join a gym and never attend.  Or they want to lose weight and very do so because they don’t take action
  4. Action takers are people who are thinking – No matter what happens I am going to move my business forwards.  So, that if things do get worse I will be in the best shape possible to move forward and upward!

Watch this video to learn more and listen to the story of the two shoe salesmen.